As a Motor Control Restoration Specialist, I use the SQUARE 1 System™ to improve the communication between the brain and the body. This process seeks to identify causes for improper movement (body compensations) by focusing on the nervous system and identifying any blocked sensorimotor signals. In other words, I reset the brain's movement patterns. When this is done, a person can get increased mobility, better balance, agility, strength, decreased pain and more!


Check out the outcomes below:

What if you were able do more of your favorite activity because your body was moving efficiently and you were in less pain?

Imagine what it would feel like for a moment …. Would you be able to do an activity without stopping due to pain? Would you be able not have to take pain medication? Would you not be suffering any longer?

I love what I do … and for good reason! I help people become increasingly mobile and strong so they can enjoy their life.

She has had major knee pain and has a difficult time walking and getting up from a chair. After one session, check out how much better she is moving.

She went from 8/10 pain to 3/10 when walking and from and 8/10 to 1/10 pain when getting out of a chair.

SQUARE 1™ fixes how your brain controls human movement. It’s quick, safe, painless, natural ... and with ~90% success rate it almost always works!



Sure, I talk about habits. I talk about mindfulness. By practicing these two items, they can change your health, fitness and your life.

Your brain communicates to all parts of your body and that communication is essential for movement too. Sometimes when trauma happens to your body, your body starts to compensate.

Take Claudette for example, she was supposed to have a surgery on her shoulder.

👉 Check out the before pic: That’s how far she could lift her arm (7/10 pain)

👉 After photo: I worked on her for about 45 minutes. She was at 3/10 pain with increase range of motion.

👉 The next week: Without any more sessions, she has the ability to lift her arm so much further.

Check out what she has to say about her experience. 


Essentially, I reset her brain. I unblocked neuropathways to reduce body compensation. When your body is not compensating as much, many times the outcome can be reduced pain and increased strength.

🔥 BOOM!!! 🔥

Does your body compensate? What have you done about it?

SQUARE 1™ better organizes the brain. Better organization means better automatic joint positioning. Better positioning means better movement outcomes.



❓ WHY? ❓

She’s had nerve pain for 10 years and just dealt with the it and figured nothing could really be done about it.

I worked on her for about 20 minutes and it’s amazing what Square1 can do.

Do you have a coach who can help you like this? Her workouts will be so much more efficient and she will in less pain now that she doesn’t have to deal with this nagging issue. Her body is not compensating as much as now is feeling better because of it.


SQUARE 1™ does not treat pain., weakness or tightness. SQUARE 1™ fixes your brain, which fixes your movement and alleviates all sorts of mayhem below it.


All this happened in one hour!

Here’s what PJ had to say after our session.

Check out the video below. She had a 5/10 CONSTANT pain in her neck and now the constant pain is gone! She now has more mobility with less pain in her neck….not to mention the increased mobility in her shoulders!

Why live with body compensation when there's a way to help it?

How does your body compensate?

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