Commit To Fit

Do you want to lose weight and have more energy without feeling guilty about spending hours away from your family or eating a piece of cheesecake?

Are you a busy mom who wants to lose weight and have more energy for the kids?

But, you feel guilty about taking time for yourself?

You want to lose the stubborn fat and feel sexy in a bikini this summer?


Hi, I’m Arlene! I’m a health transformation coach, best-selling author and mom of three. I help women who are tired of yo yo diets … lose 30 lbs. and increase their energy without giving up their favorite foods.

Commit to Fit will set you up lose the weight for life so that you can be there for your kids AND have enough energy to thrive, not just survive each day.

Imagine having the energy at the end of a long day to do things that you love and to connect with your husband.

Imagine having time for yourself.

What would it be like to be an amazing mom (and grandmother!) who takes care of herself …

…who is an inspiration for her kids (and grandkids)

…who feels sexy in front of her husband…


“Commit to Fit has been a great workout option for me. Because of COVID I did not feel comfortable working out at a gym but I needed that extra push to hold me accountable. The workouts with Arlene are difficult, but manageable. They are different every class which makes it more fun too. The music is fun and her energy is great. I prefer working out to live zoom each day so that she can critique my moves and motivate me to try harder, but the replays are also great if I have a schedule conflict or want to repeat the workout.” - Erin

You want to feel sexy in your body …

You want to have confidence in yourself …

You want to be an inspiration to your kids without missing the important moments …

You want to stop feeling tired all the time and be able to do the things you love …. 

Ready to make the change and be one of my Fit 4 Lifers in the Commit to Fit (exercise and accountability) program beginning Wednesday, March 3?

When you join the Commit to Fit program, you’ll begin to take steps to:

  • Eat healthier

  • Lose the stubborn weight while keeping your life manageable

  • Be able to take better care of your family because you are taking care of yourself


You make time for Netflix because you enjoy it … It’s time to enjoy your fitness… to enjoy your food … to become a Fit Mom 4 Life …so you can be there for your family for years to come.

How amazing would it be to you to lose weight, have endless energy and be an amazing mom and wife?



You will get:

  •  LIVE 30 minute classes on Wednesdays and Fridays at 7am with available replays

  • Classes will be in strength and HIIT (weights and/or bands will be used) format

  • Every month, I will help you add a new healthier habit to incorporate into you life

  • Weekly accountability posts in a private group to keep you on track

  • I’ll go LIVE once a month for a topic that pertains to the monthly habit

  • Private community to keep each other supported and accountable


I guarantee that if you do nothing, that you will be in the same situation next time I offer this program.

Join today and you will be in a better place 3 months from now rather than do nothing tell yourself AGAIN that you need to get healthy.


“The Commit to Fit class came at just the right time, I had hit a plateau in my weight loss journey. The program re-energized me, by starting the day out right leading to making better choices the rest of the week. I am again losing weight and this class is key to keeping me accountable and helping me reach my health goals.” - Kate